Flip Folder Info

This year we will be using flip folders instead of binders. Everyone (except Color Guard, Drumline, & Twirlers) need to have a flip folder and lyre.

(Purchased from Local Music Stores like Hanson, Midwest Music, or Online) $10-$15

Flute: DEG A16-HC225 Flute/Piccolo Lyre

Clarinet: B-flat Clarinet Lyre & Universal Flip Folder

Saxophones/Bass Clarinets: Saxophone Lyre & Universal Flip Folder

Trumpet/Mellophone/Euphonium: DEG HC260, or Brass Lyre w/ Bent Stem & Universal Flip Folder

Trombone: DEG HC250 Trombone Bell Lyre

Tubas: DEG HC250 Trombone Bell Lyre

Percussion: 3-ring binder and clear plastic sleeves