Band Supplies

Brass Supply List Woodwinds Supply List

Slide Grease Plenty of reeds (3)

Valve Oil Pads all working

Mouthpieces Mouthpiece

Instrument ( Ligature

Valves Work Pad saver or silk swab

Slides work

Water cork in place

Marching Band Shoes. Need to have ALL Black shoes. You are welcome to use any shoes we have in the storage area, purchase solid black shoes, or purchase specific marching band shoes. Their website is Any style of band shoe they sell will work (Drillmaster, Dinkel, Speedster, Viper, MTX, Pinnacle or Impact). These shoes will last you for years and may also be worn as dress shoes for our concerts for the men.

  • These shoes are est. $30 plus shipping. Sizes are based on dress shoe sizes not sneakers.

  • Men’s sizes 3-15, half sizes 3-11, wide 11-15

  • Women's’ sizes 5-17 and all half sizes

You may purchase these anywhere but is a reputable website.

Flip Folder is needed for everyone except Color Guard, Drum Line, and Twirlers

Flip Folder Info