Football Game Policies

Meeting time is one hour before kick-off

Uniform and equipment inspection 

Line up a half hour before game time courtyard west of stadium

Line up in pre-game formation

Warm up thirty minutes before game time full uniform (usually 6:30)

Games end by 9:30 usually

Post Season Performances/Football

Sub State or Regionals

1. If the game is played at Salina Stadium, we’ll march full band, and it’s a required performance

2. If it is an away game, a football pep band of at least 25 people will attend. Instrumentation determined by Director


1. We will take a band to this game!

2. If parents wish to take their son or daughter home after State Championship (or any other performance) is over, the Central office needs a note beforehand.  There is a form available on the Central school website. Link to Return Release Form 



All Music we perform on the marching field will be memorized      

There will be playing tests covering the marching music

The emphasis during preseason rehearsals will be on music and marching




A.  Checkout

Uniform checkout will be held during band camp in the summer.

Uniform Committee members will issue the full uniform, take down appropriate numbers, and show each student how the uniform should be hung on the hanger. Each student should make sure they hang the uniform up CORRECTLY after each use. Put shoes and hats in your cubbies after each performance!  This is part of your grade!


B.   Marching Band

Full uniform for percussion, woodwinds and brass consists of: Coat, Pants, Overlay, Hat, Band Shirt, Black Socks and Band Shoes.  Tubas will wear berets instead of hats

Uniform parts the student is responsible for: Band Shoes, Black Shorts, Black Socks, and Band Shirt.

We have had to change our shoe policy.  The band will no longer purchase shoes for its members – even when we receive money from individual parents.  We do have a surplus of used shoes that your student could borrow for the year (or their entire band career).  We will be checking out these shoes during band camp.


If you wish to purchase shoes for band, the main requirements are: 1) dress shoes – no sneakers, 2) all black (including the soles).  There have been shoes sold in Salina that have worked in the past (Target, Walmart).  The best prices have been around $20.00-30.00.  The company that we have purchased shoes from for the past 23 years is American Band.  Their website is  Any style of band shoe they sell will work (Drillmaster, Dinkel, Speedster, Viper, MTX, Pinnacle or Impact).


It should be noted that the proper uniform includes tall, black socks.  Please do not allow your student to show up to performances wearing white socks.


Band shoes are a part of the grade.  Students will need to store them in their hat/shoe locker when not in use.